Sedation Dentistry

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“Dr. Martin and his staff are wonderful! If you have dental anxiety, they are top notch (take it from me!)! I have had severe dental anxiety for close to 20 years and Dr. Martin’s office was recommended to me by a friend. I have had some extensive work done, but I was given information upfront and was included in the decision-making process. I feel safe and welcomed when I am there.”

Jill R.

Creating a Comfortable Dental Experience

Does going to the dentist’s office cause you to become fearful or anxious? This is a common feeling for many people, and some people even avoid all dental procedures because of it. However, we believe that a healthy smile starts with professional care. This is why we offer sedation services for each of our patients.

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with anxiety or get nervous from the thought of dental treatments, Dr. Martin can help you feel completely relaxed the entire time you’re at our office.

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The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry can be beneficial for you even if you don’t suffer from dental anxiety. Different levels can be administered to make you feel less tense or so relaxed that you forget what happened after the procedure.

Sedation is offered to patients who:

  • Are fearful of the dental office
  • Gag easily
  • Have a fear of needles
  • Need to endure extensive treatments
  • Have trouble sitting still

Oral Sedation

If you’re looking for a pain-free sedation method, minimal oral sedation may be an ideal choice for you. It’s provided to you in the form of a pill and is a great alternative to methods that require needles or masks.

At your consultation prior to your dental treatment, Dr. Martin will evaluate you to determine what your dosage of sedation should be. He’ll provide you with the actual medicine either the night before or the day of the procedure, depending on your stress levels.

The purpose of the oral sedatives is to make you feel completely relaxed during the entire procedure. While you’ll still be conscious, you won’t feel any pain.

Will I be unconscious?

No, you’ll be conscious during the entire procedure. You will, however, be extraordinarily relaxed and might not remember the appointment.

Will I be monitored?

You’ll be monitored at all times during the appointment, and your vital signs will be taken. Our staff will be by your side the entire time.

Will someone need to accompany me to my appointment?

Yes, you’ll need a companion to drive you home from your appointment for your safety.

How long will I remain sedated after my appointment?

Recovery time is different based on the patient’s body as well as the medications and dosages used. Plan on relaxing at home for the remainder of the day, and have someone with you until you’re fully recovered.

How are dosage amounts determined?

Dr. Martin determines the correct dosage based on the following factors:

  • Age
  • Weight
  • Medical History
  • Anxiety Levels
  • Length of procedure
What are the side effects of oral sedation?

After the procedure, you may experience drowsiness, slow reflexes, low blood pressure, and headaches. It’s common for patients to forget the surgery as well.

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