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Regular facial or dental x-rays may not always provide the clarity needed, so our general dentistry practice uses a 3D dental cone beam scan, also known as dental cone beam computed tomography (CT), to get a better image of your soft tissues, bone, and nerve pathways.

What is a Cone Beam Scan?

A cone beam scan is a special type of x-ray that aids our Champaign dentist in treatment planning. Although a cone beam scan differs from a conventional CT, they both provide high-quality images. However, the cone beam scan uses the high resolution images to re-create a virtual 3D model, allowing Dr. Martin a detailed view of all different aspects and angles of a patient’s mouth, teeth, bones, soft tissues, and nerve pathways. As a result, our Champaign dentist is able to provide personalized treatment that is tailored to your specific dental needs.

The cone beam x-ray is shaped like a cone and is designed to move around the patient in order to produce a wide range of images, also known as views. These images not only help in treatment planning, they also allow our Champaign dentist to evaluate the development of diseases and keep track of any new formations.

Common Uses

The use of cone beam scanning varies from patient to patient. Depending on your specific needs, Dr. Martin will determine whether a cone beam scan is the right option for you. However, cone beam CTs are most commonly used for either orthodontic issues, treatment planning, or complex cases that may involve:

● Diagnosis of TMJ
● Dental implant placement
● Impacted teeth
● Evaluations: nerve canals, nasal cavities, jaw, and sinuses
● Reconstructive procedures
● Locating pain
● Jaw tumors: treating, detecting, and measuring
● Determining tooth orientation
● Determining bone structure

Benefits of Cone Beam Scanning

The use of cone beam scanning benefits both the patient and the dentist. Because the scan results in 3D images, it helps the dentist map out a precise procedural plan that will impact the overall success of the treatment. Patients can rest assured knowing that our Champaign dentist will deliver exceptional results they can be proud of. Additional benefits include:

● Painless and non invasive
● Quick, easy, and accurate
● Fast and convenient
● Able to identify abnormalities, infections, cysts, tumors, etc.
● Able to capture both soft tissue and bone at the same time
● Better image quality that traditional x-rays
● One scan can result in a complete evaluation
● Increases patient safety and reduces the risk of inevitable complications

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