Cone Beam Scanning Radiation: Low and Safe

Cone beam scanning is a recent development in dentistry that has been getting a lot of attention lately. Unfortunately, not all of this attention has been overly favorable. The issue of radiation is always a concern when it comes to any type of radiograph. At W. Eric Martin, we understand your concern about the amount of radiation you or your child will undergo with cone beam scanning. That’s why we’ve taken the time to explain the reasons why this type of X-ray is not only safe but also extremely effective when it comes to your family’s dental health.

Why Cone Beam Scanning is Safe

Cone beam scanning works in a different manner from traditional x-rays, which is the main reason that the radiation is kept to a minimum. Here are some facts about the process that shows how cone beam scanning radiation can be controlled and kept safe.

  • It is used as a supplement to traditional x-rays. Cone beam scanning is often used in conjunction with traditional x-rays when dentists need additional diagnostics. This means that your exposure to cone beam scanning radiation is kept to a minimum and only used when your dentist needs it.
  • The radiation dose can be controlled. Many cone beam scanning units offer control over the radiation dose used. For example, the radiation dose can be adjusted to provide the images necessary for your dental needs. While these units have the potential for higher radiation doses these levels are used sparingly. However, when higher levels are used they provide images far superior to any other radiograph.
  • The radiation can be collimated. Cone beam scanning units allow the radiation to be collimated. What this means is that the beam of radiation is strictly contained to the body area of interest. This decreases the amount of radiation you are exposed to and protects other areas of your body.
  • Fewer images are needed. Because cone beam scanning produces a higher quality of radiograph images, your dentist will need less images to diagnose and treat your dental needs. This radiograph is usually performed in one single scan which drastically cuts down on the radiation dose you are exposed to.

Cone Beam Scanning in Champaign, IL

At W. Eric Martin’s dental practice we ensure you that one beam scanning radiation is kept to a minimum during your dental exams. This makes it safe for you and your family while guaranteeing that you will receive higher quality dental care. For more information on how cone beam scanning is transforming dentistry, click here. To learn more about how we use cone beam scanning at W. Eric Martin’s dental practice visit our office in Champaign, IL or call us today at (217) 352-7077.

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