Gold Crown in Champaign ILGold crowns are losing popularity in today’s world. The majority of our patients favor a more aesthetically appealing option such as porcelain crowns or porcelain fused to metal crowns. These types of crowns are not as noticeable when you smile. However, they do not last as long and will require repairs or replacements faster than a gold crown. That’s why at W. Eric Martin, D.D.S, we offer crown restorations.

The truth is that gold crowns outlast all other types of crowns. Because they last so long, our patients often wonder when they should have them repaired or replaced. There are several situations that merit a gold crown restoration.

Receding Gums=Crown Restoration

Gold crowns can last over 60 years! However, over time your gums naturally recede due to a number of factors, including your age. When your gums recede, sometimes the root of the tooth is left exposed to bacteria. This can cause a cavity. When this happens, the crown must be removed in order to clean out the decay.

Sometimes, the tooth needs root canal therapy. If this is the case, only a small hole is made in the top of the crown to clean out the inside of the tooth. This means the crown does not have to be removed. However, in most cases of decay, the crown must be removed to clean out the natural tooth.

So, if you notice your gums receding or if you think you may already have an infected tooth, it may be time to visit our office for a crown restoration.

Cement That Has Disappeared = Crown Restoration

When you have a gold crown placed, a small layer of dental cement is used to hold the crown securely in place over the natural tooth. While the gold itself will never corrode, the cement can dissolve over time. The acids in our mouth can eventually eat away at the cement, leaving gaps between the crown and the natural tooth. These gaps allow bacteria, fluids and foods to come into contact with the natural tooth and this can produce cavities.

Keeping regularly scheduled appointments with your dentist can help keep you aware of conditions like these. Your dentist can monitor the condition of your crown and let you know when a repair or replacement is needed.

While some dentists are motivated by financial reasons to replace a gold crown, Dr. Eric Martin and Dr. Sabbia will never try to replace a functioning crown. They will only suggest a crown restoration when it is absolutely needed to protect your oral health. For more information on crown restorations or to schedule your appointment, visit us at W. Eric Martin, D.D.S or call us today at (217) 352-7077.

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