Cone Beam Scanning in Champaign, IL

Cone Beam Scanning in Champaign ILEvery once in a while, advancements in our field completely transform the way we think about dentistry. Every once in a while, a “game changer” comes along that extends our ability to care for patients. At Dr. W. Eric Martin’s dental practice, we offer cone beam scanning in Champaign, IL. We believe this technology is revolutionizing the way we, as dental professionals, are able to diagnose and treat dental problems.

What is Cone Beam Scanning?

Cone beam scanning is a powerful diagnostic tool that offers dentists and patients a 3D image of the oral structures. The machine scans the entire mouth and then reassembles the images into a comprehensive 3D image. This unique look into every surface and angle of the mouth allows dentists to diagnose diseases, spot problem areas and even plan surgical procedures.

Benefits of Cone Beam Scanning

This innovative diagnostic tool offers endless benefits. Cone bean scanning:

  • Offers the best and most effective view of your oral structures in high resolution images.
  • Allows for advanced diagnoses by identifying conditions that would otherwise go undetected.
  • Provides a quick way to check the health of your teeth and gums. The scan takes only a few minutes and is instantly projected onto a screen with the 3D image.
  • The scanning process is painless and the patient undergoes minimal radiation.
  • Assists in guided dental implant surgery for a faster, more accurate way to replace missing teeth.

Cone Beam Scanning at W. Eric Martin D.D.S

At Dr. W. Eric Martin’s dental office, we offer our patients in the Champaign, IL area cone beam scanning technology. This means that our patients are safer and healthier because we are able to make accurate diagnosis, spot problems early and plan effective surgical procedures.

Our dentists, Dr. Eric Martin and Dr. Nicholas Sabbia are committed to providing optimal care for their patients. They have chosen to incorporate state-of-the-art technology such as cone beam scanning as a way to provide excellent care that is unmatched in the area. When you are in need of comprehensive care or think that you may be suffering from any dental condition, choose Dr. W. Eric Martin’s dental practice for the best evaluation and treatment in the area.

Don’t settle for mediocre dentistry, choose dental professionals that are committed to your health and safety. For more information on how you can benefit from cone beam scanning dentistry in Champaign, IL, visit our office or call us today to schedule your appointment at (216) 352-7077(216) 352-7077.

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