Dental Services in Champaign, IL

Dental services are not just designed to encourage good oral health, but to also make a patient feel appreciated, cared for, and special. This personalized treatment is exactly what we offer. Research shows that millions of people do not get dental care because of fear, incorrect notions, and anxiety. We, therefore, try our very best to address your concerns and help you get the dental treatments you need with a high level of comfort.

We are proud to offer some of the latest and most effective tools in dentistry. CEREC and Cone Beam Scanning are two of these tools that make every patient’s appointment an easier, quicker, and more pleasurable experience. We know that your time is important to you, so we have invested in these modern tools so you spend less time on the dental chair.

Below is a list of the dental services we provide. From simple teeth cleanings and comprehensive oral exams, to various restorative procedures and preventative care, we assure you that our services are thorough and excellent. Just like you, we do not like to perform corrective procedures because the first one was unsuccessful. We take pride in providing dental treatments at high success rates. Dr. Martin and our team, are trusted dental professionals in Champaign, IL. Our growing number of loyal patients speaks of our commitment to perfection and excellence.

If you need a dental service that you do not see listed here, you may contact us through the contact page on this website to request more information. You may also call us at (217) 355-9997, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the above dental treatments. Dr. Martin looks forward to seeing you in person! Our dental services are here to bring you not just healthy teeth, but also overall wellness, comfort and satisfaction.