Dental Implants Champaign ILFor years, dentures have been considered the traditional and most popular option for replacing missing teeth. Then along came dental implants and the hierarchy of tooth replacement was adjusted. Since the first modern day use in the 1960’s, dental implants have been considered by dentists everywhere as the ideal way to restore a smile with missing teeth.

Since dental implants arrived on the dental scene, patients who are missing teeth jumped at the chance to replace their teeth with a procedure that offers the closest thing to a natural tooth.


Dental Implants Can Save You Money and Improve Quality of Life

A recent study suggests that in the long run, dental implants are more affordable than all other procedures. According to this study from the International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants, dental implants were found to be “generally cost-saving or cost-effective in comparison with traditional tooth-borne prostheses”.

The report focused on 14 studies made from 2000-2010 that focus on long-term costs of various tooth replacement options. While the study noted that implant patients paid more initially, the longevity of the implant restoration means that in the long run, they were the most cost effective procedure.

Dental Implants in Champaign, IL

At our dental office, we offer guided dental implant surgery for patients who are missing teeth. With this procedure, patients can receive dental implants in less time with the precision of highly advanced dental tools such as CEREC and Cone Beam Technology.

Because our process involves computer software for treatment planning and advanced 3D images of your mouth and jawbone, placing the implant is faster, safer and can often be done without incision or stitches.

Benefits of Guided Dental Implant Surgery

Some benefits of our unique dental implant process include:

  • Treatment that is safe and effective because the procedure is pre-designed on a digital surgical template
  • Less invasive procedure than traditional dental implant surgeries
  • Faster recovery time, minimal pain and swelling
  • Reduced number of office visits

If you are missing teeth, contact our office for more information on how choosing dental implants can save you money and improve your quality of life! Visit us at our office or call us today at (217) 355-9997 to learn about our guided dental implant surgery.

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