Dental Implants Champaign ILWhen it comes to dental trends, technology has enabled dentists to delve deeper into the world of dental surgery with more and more procedures designed to be invasive. On the other side of the treatment equation, patients have become a lot more willing, as well, to go under the knife just to ensure that their smiles are brighter and more captivating than ever. However, just as with any kind of surgery, there are certain risks that dentists and patients must be willing to take when they go forward with these invasive dental procedures.

Because safety is of paramount concern for Dr. Eric Martin and Dr. Nick Sabbia, they do not just offer their Champaign, IL patients the standard dental implant surgery procedure. On the contrary, they’re offering guided dental implant surgery which fuses CEREC and 3D Cone Beam technologies together to achieve a beautiful smile while eliminating the most of the risks involved in the dental implant procedure.

What Happens when You Get Guided Dental Implant Surgery?

This procedure enables your dentist to have some sort of a bird’s eye view of the entire procedure because of the role that both CEREC and CAD/CAM technologies both play. To start off, your dentist has to come up with a 3D scan of your entire mouth and then make use of the standard CEREC software in order to visualize ahead of time how your implanted tooth will look once the procedure is done. By fusing the 3D scan and the output from the CEREC software, your dentist can isolate the positions of your nerves and bones in the bid to avoid them when the actual procedure and drilling in of the dental implants take place. Take note, at this point, your dentist is able to learn all of these things without even making a single incision.

What are the Benefits of Guided Dental Implant Surgery?

  • Increases the Overall Safety of the Procedure

It is inherent in the dental implant surgery procedure that you must drill into gum and jawbone tissues so that the dental implants can be anchored properly into place and interact with osseous material for integration. However, given that this part of your mouth is riddled with so many sensitive nerve endings as well as blood vessels, drilling into the wrong place by just a hair’s breadth can lead to dire consequences. This does not have to be a problem, with guided dental implants  since your dentist can view the location of all sensitive tissues before even making a single cut.

  • Faster Recovery

Dentists and experts have confirmed that where the dental implants are placed will actually determine your healing rate, with some sites allowing for faster healing while other sites seem to take longer. Since your dentist can choose the best site to make the implantation, you’ll heal much faster after the surgery.

Just because you want to have a mesmerizing smile does not mean that you have to take a lot of risks getting traditional dental implant surgery. Don’t just take the risks, eliminate them.

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