CEREC Dentist in Champaign ILOne of the newest technologies which have been put to good use by Dr. Eric Martin is CEREC® technology in Champaign IL. Paving way for the newest branch of dentistry, which is CEREC® dentistry, this technology carries a number of advantages including the fact that treatments can be done expediently and that inconveniences like getting dental impressions would likewise be avoided.

What is the technology all about?

CEREC® technology makes use of digital imaging and CAD/CAM technology. Basically, instead of getting impressions of your teeth, Dr. Martin only has to take a picture of the tooth which requires treatment. This image is then converted into a digital one and is sent to a computer found in your dentist’s office. From thereon, your dentist can start making changes to the tooth and then use the blueprint as a model which will then be used by the drilling machine in order to fabricate your restorations.

How is the entire procedure done?

Just like when you opt for porcelain dental works, your dentist will still have to prepare the teeth which will receive the crowns and the veneers. This would involve shaving off a portion of the dental enamel of your teeth in order to ensure that the veneer or crown could be put into place without sticking out. Once this is done, your dentist would then take pictures of your teeth and this information will be sent out in to a special computer.

In the computer, the image of your teeth will then be converted into a 3D one which will allow your dentist to craft a model of the veneer or crown that will fit the tooth. Your dentist will have to receive training in order to be able to make models through CAD/CAM technology. Once your dentist is happy with the blueprint of your veneers and crowns, the information would then be sent to a milling device which is attached to the computer.

The milling device will then create the dental works based on the blueprints which you have just created. But what makes this milling device incredibly amazing is the fact that the dental works can be fabricated in just a matter of minutes and all within your dentist’s office. This eliminates the need for you to wait a couple of weeks before you can have your dental works bonded to your teeth as well as the need for temporaries in order to protect your prepared teeth prior to bonding.

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